I am Brett Poulin. I am a family physician, a Mormon, a recreational athlete (cycling, CrossFit, triathlon), and a father.

This is my personal effort to record the principles and quotes that help shape what I want to be. I’ve kept a number of thoughts and quotes in notebooks for a number of years, but I’ve found that these inspiring and valuable bits of knowledge are scattered through those notebooks, rarely to be seen again.

This book is really for me – a collection of my thoughts for review when I forget them. They are for a “Future Me” who has forgotten what I have learned. “Present Me” almost always fits this description relative to “Past Me”—I am almost constantly forgetting what I have learned. It is also for advice for a “Younger Me”, in hopes that younger versions of me (my children), might be able to avoid some of the mistakes that I’ve made.

If anyone else can benefit from them, that is a bonus.

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