Weekly Review: July 16, 2018

I have recognized the importance of a weekly review in my routine. It is arbitrary, but there are some reasons why it makes sense. Mostly, it has a trigger that comes around every 7 days. I need to take advantage of triggers to establish habits, and the trigger of Sunday to Monday seems as good as any.

In Quality Improvement jargon, it seems that one week is a good scale for a PDSA cycle (Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle) in personal and small business improvement for me.

I feel that I have been afraid to step out and commit to a variety of areas, likely because of fear of failure. I have become more and more convinced of the need to deal well with failure repeatedly in order to gain success. I feel like I have been failing without learning as much as I should.

Today, I would like to make clear a few of my goals. My daily goals are more habit-oriented than achievement oriented because it is more about who I become than what I do.

Weekly Goals

Report the current business and personal PDSA cycle once each week. Make modifications as necessary.

Daily Goals

Plan:  Achieve these daily goals for 7 days (another arbitrary number).

  1. Pray
  2. Meditate
  3. Study and Scriptures (usually includes Reading and Writing)
  4. Review Todoist and Schedule the day
  5. Examine Habits (using the “Strides” app)
  6. Exercise
  7. Complete the work day (includes signing off and billing)
  8. 8 hrs to eat, 16 hrs fasting, no simple carbs
  9. Review Todoist, Review Emails, & Program
  10. Report Habits and Plan (using the “Strides” app)

Plan: Seven Fitness Standards


  1. Back squat twice your body weight
  2. Bench press your body weight for 10 reps
  3. Do 15 strict pullups
  4. Do a Turkish getup with half your bodyweight
  5. Complete a 500-meter row in 90 seconds
  6. Complete a 2000-meter row in 7 minutes
  7. Run 10 kilometers in 50 minutes

I will check in here in one week to review.

Brett Poulin